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Custom Boot Fitting and Insoles

Adept in ski boot fitting, Sports LTD custom boots fit perfect. Our specially designed and applied foot beds enhance the fit of any ski boot, while increasing the performance of the entire boot and ski combination. Precise boot adjustments help to alleviate any foot hot spots or pressure spots.

Sports LTD also offers a welcome alternative to the typical off-the-shelf type of boot. The exclusive Fisher Vacuum Boot marks a revolutionary new process of molding boots to fit, and we are the only dealer in the Los Angeles area to carry the innovative technology. A wide forefoot, or bumps on the foot, calf, ankle, or toe are issues easily solved with Fisher Vacuum Boots. The boots and liners are heated and vacuumed around the foot, heel, and ankle to secure that necessary comfortable fit.

Our custom fitting services apply to both newly bought boots from our store and to already worn name brand boots that we sell. If a ski boot doesn’t fit, bring it in and let us analyze the situation. We’ll take exact measurements, detail a plan, and give a boot-fitting estimate. Custom ski boot fitting takes time and for good reason. Each boot is tailor-made and comes with a Sports LTD guarantee. We will work until your boot fits.